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Gas leak causing loss of sleep for York County residents

Updated: Wednesday, January 15 2014, 09:56 PM CST
Reported by: Ewa Roman

CONEWAGO -- A gas leak at a York County neighborhood is taking much longer to fix than people who live there would like.

Columbia Gas says no one is in danger, but they've been working on it since Monday and still can't find the leak.

Monday morning, there was a report of a gas leak on Graffius Road in Conewago Township, York County.

When crews arrived they found a second leak. So they started digging a hole, checking a pipe, and refilling the hole and haven't stopped.

It's now Wednesday night and Bonnie Kornbau just wants to get some sleep.

"We started out with jackhammering and it's been jackhammering and digging 24-7 since then," said Bonnie Kornbau, who lives near gas leak.

Kornbau's bedroom window is a few feet away from construction. She says when she gets home from work at 7 a.m. she's ready to go to sleep. But she says that's exactly when the jack hammering starts.

"Oh yeah! It just shakes the whole house when they use the jack hammer," she said.

The gas company says they haven't found the leak yet and are considering replacing the pipe line in the future.

As for the work, who knows how long it will take. Until then, Kornbau will find the good in the noisy.

"The bright lights. We could almost sit in the house and don't need to have our lights on. At least we could save electricity that way," she said.

No homes are without gas and no homes are in danger. Crews will remain on scene until any and all leaks are repaired. 

Gas leak causing loss of sleep for York County residents

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