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Gov. Corbett under fire for comments about gay marriage -- again

Updated: Friday, October 4 2013, 06:48 PM CDT
Reported by: Donna Kirker Morgan

HARRISBURG -- Gov. Tom Corbett is again in the hot seat over comments he made about same-sex marriage.

The first time he took heat on this issue, his administration compared same-sex marriage to 12-year-olds getting married.

This week on CBS 21's "Ask the Governor" segment, he said a better analogy would be the marriage between a brother and sister.  

“It was an inappropriate analogy, I think a much better analogy would be brother and sister don't you?” is what the governor said in the interview.

The original comparison between same-sex marriage and 12-year-olds came out in fight to get the Montgomery County Register of Wills -- Bruce Hanes -- to stop giving out marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

The Corbett team won that legal battle.

But Corbett won the battle at the expense of a political bruising, because in one legal briefing, his  team compared issuing same-sex licenses to issuing licenses to 12-year-old children. Now he says a better  comparison would be issuing a marriage license to brothers and sisters.

Today he explained his analogy.

“I tried to give a difference of what the law is. I've always been lawyer and I think with legal  head all the time, being politician second nature not first nature of being a lawyer, and made the comment about sibling because they are clearly in law a barrier to marriage. I apologize if they feel offended by that,” Corbett said in a video statement released statewide today.

Ted Martin is the Executive Director of Equality Pa called the sibling comment “unfortunate."

“His statement drew a comparison to ugly stuff I think it was unfortunate choice of words terribly unfortunate choice of words I think he need to understand that people of Pennsylvania support marriage equality.”

Martin  was, however, happy to hear the apology which the governor repeated several times in a video statement.

“The comments I made have been viewed by some as insensitive and if they've taken that way let me apologize right now, never meant to be insensitive to this issue,” the governor said.

“I am happy he apologized and would like to take it and  challenge him to get to know some same sex couple and some families,” Martin said.

“That's not enough the only way to make this right is for Tom Corbett to step into 21st century and stop his opposition to marriage,” Katelin Lambert with the Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee said.
Gov. Corbett under fire for comments about gay marriage -- again

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