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Government shutdown costs one bride her wedding venue

Updated: Wednesday, October 2 2013, 10:05 PM CDT
Reported by: Ewa Roman

HANOVER -- Jodi Little is from Hanover, York County, but planned to get married in Gettysburg.

Because of the government shutdown, the Gettysburg National Military park, which is federally funded, is closed. And that means so is her wedding venue, the Gettysburg Amphitheater.

"Everything so far had been really easy and I just knew something bad would happen to make it frantic," Little said.

On Oct. 19, Little and Michael Markle are planning on tying the knot. Their three year old son Blaise will be the ring bearer.

They've been engaged since 2010 and it seemed like the wait was over, until the federal government shut down.

"I'm supposed to have my wedding there, what am I supposed to do?" Little said.

Less than three weeks from her wedding, she has 150 guests invited and and no venue.

But she does have one thing, a fiancé who came to the rescue.

"It's not going to ruin the day, we'll just, you know, we'll just scratch it off and move to the next one," Markle said.

The next one, turned out to be one of Michael's family members, who offered to host the wedding in their backyard.

So for the next few weeks, Jodi and Michael will be busy making phone calls to all of their guests and making their wedding day one to remember.

"I feel a lot better, yeah like 10 times better," Little said.

Moving the wedding venue is costing Jodi an extra $300 just to rent chairs, and now she has to re-think decorations.

But she's not the only bride impacted. Another wedding on Oct. 12 was cancelled, as well as 11 other events including the KKK rally that was supposed to be held Oct. 5.
Government shutdown costs one bride her wedding venue

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