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Group holds concert in York to raise awareness, end violence

Updated: Sunday, December 22 2013, 10:42 PM CST
Reported by: Ewa Roman 

YORK CITY -- The City of York has seen its share of violence this year, but one group of local recording artists came together Sunday night to send a positive message to the youth, through song.

A York coffee shop called "New Grounds" donated the venue, where hundreds of people came to hear lyrics which don't need a warning label.

The headliners were a group called "Co-stars" featuring other artists performing a song called "Within me." This group had enough of the violence and wrote a song, recording the music video in most violent streets of York.

"Rap is a cool took, because it's already their language, it's already something they're open to listening to and if they like the beat, it's automatically going to draw them in. When they're listening, they'll hear it. The lyrics behind the music," said EC Holmes also known as Vision, Christian rapper.

The lyrics behind the song talk about positive options for youth, who are swarmed by negative.

"I think that everybody has that opportunity within themselves to better themselves and the community, the folks around them and it starts with you," Pressure, recording artist, "Co-stars," York.

A recent report by ranks York as the 33rd most dangerous city in the country. That means you have a one in 20 chance of being a victim of a violent crime.

Sunday night's concert hopes to change that.

"There is a lot of negative stories that happen in central PA. ( This concert is) to show that we can bring people together and do something positive," said Phene, recording artist, York native.

"The kids just don't have their heads together right now . So we need to put music like this out right now to have the kids think about something else," said Joey Mator, "Co-stars" recording artist, York. 

This concert was also a Toy Drive for local children. Those who brought a gift were able to attend the concert for free. More than 50 local children will receive gifts.
Group holds concert in York to raise awareness, end violence

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