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Harrisburg mayoral race shake-up: who's in, who's out

Updated: Thursday, August 15 2013, 10:41 PM CDT
Reported by: Ewa Roman

The race for Harrisburg mayor has been a roller coaster ride since it started.

Name-calling and accusations.

One candidate, Lewis Butts, was arrested for painting signs.

Then, current Mayor Linda Thompson loses the re-election bid.

And Dan Miller announces he's out.

A lawsuit challenges Nevin Mindlin's and Nate Curtis' candidacy.

Then Miller decides he is back in the race.

And now, Mindlin and Curtis are kicked off the ballot. 

One voter says Thursday's developments are keeping this election in the headlines.

" I think it was very surprising, but It will definitely add for an interesting result," said Byrone Davis, voter, Harrisburg.

Thursday, a judge ruled that Curtis didn't meet the residency requirements and Mindlin failed to specify a committee to fill vacancies in his nomination papers. 

"Coming into this community, wanting to make a difference, I certainly feel I've done nothing wrong. Regardless of the ruling today, I'm going to keep my promise of being an effective leader in this community," said Nate Curtis, off the ballot.

"This whole structure this is part of the old regime, that's been fighting with me here. Eric Papenfuse is the new face of the old regime. Some part of that old regime has got to be involved in this, all the fingers point back in that direction. He's the only one, who benefits from what's occurred here," said Nevin Mindlin, off the ballot.

But Eric Papenfuse denies having anything to do with the latest decision by the judge.

"I think the judge ruled in a very clear way. I think our Democratic process is subject to judicial review and that's the way it should be," said Eric Papenfuse, Democratic candidate, Harrisburg Mayor.

But one voter would have liked to see them all on the ballot.

"I just feel in the United States, in Harrisburg, in a time like this, let the people have their voice," said Norleen Morton Duncan, voter, Harrisburg.

CBS 21 News also reached out to Dan Miller today, but he is out of town. He was unavailable for comment.
Harrisburg mayoral race shake-up: who's in, who's out

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