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Harrisburg parking rates could skyrocket

Updated: Wednesday, September 4 2013, 09:37 PM CDT
Reported by: Kirk Clyatt

HARRISBURG -- The Harrisburg Strong plan has a strong increase for parking in Harrisburg -- including the possibility of having people pay as mch as $10 to park for four hours in downtown.

Tonight, Harrisburg City Council was discussing the big parking rate increase.
If the increase goes through, Harrisburg could soon have a higher parking price than Philadelphia, which in many places is $5 for three hours. 

The plan is to next year raise another $750,000 in parking revenue.

If approved: 
• Meter rates will increase $1 per hour from $1.50 to $2.50 downtown and $1 to $2 elsewhere.
• Tickets will increase from the baseline $14 to $30. The late penalty of $11 increases to $20. 
• Parking meters will run for 11 hours, rather than nine, and parking would no longer be free on Saturdays

Currently, people only have to feed the meter until 5 p.m. If the plan goes through, they'd have to pay until 7 p.m.

A goal is to try to get your car into the parking garages if you're going to be in town for more than a couple of hours; however, reserved parking spaces next year could set you back as much as $235 per month. 

There was also extensive discussion from council's attorney that so far, there is no viable alternative to the current Earned Income Tax (EIT) rate, that is now in place.

Even though the tax increase from 1 percent to 2 percent was only put in place for this year, residents shouldn't count on it being lowered in 2014. At this point, it could be in place through 2016.

The next meeting on where Harrisburg goes from here will be at 5:30 p.m. next Wednesday, Sept. 10,  at the city's administrative building. Harrisburg parking rates could skyrocket

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