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Harrisburg Strong Plan gets approval

Updated: Thursday, September 19 2013, 06:27 PM CDT
The financially strained Capital City of Harrisburg now officially has a plan for its future.

A Pennsylvania judge says she will approve the Harrisburg Strong Plan to help rescue the city from the brink of bankruptcy.

Harrisburg Mayor Linda Thompson became extremely emotional at one point at a press conference about the judges' ruling Thursday.

Thompson was elected to save the financially stressed city of Harrisburg in 2008.  After threats of bankruptcy and protests for her to resign, Thompson feels that she won Thursday.

"I am honored to have been your Mayor of the City of Harrisburg,” started the emotional mayor.  “Born and raised by the people of Harrisburg , educated, got my morals and values and to be called to this leadership position, at the worst history of this city and to endure and come out on top is an honor."

Instead of bankruptcy, the City of Harrisburg has another option!

Thursday, a judge said she would give the green light to the Harrisburg Strong Plan, one that will work to resolve the city's financial debt in other ways.

"I'm smiling from cheek to cheek to the point where you would need a chisel to get it off my face," Thompson beamed.

Those who live in Harrisburg, like Theresa, are hopeful the plan will work.

"We'll I don't think we had to go into bankruptcy if we can have our assets sold and she might be right, not that I'm crazy about her,” commented resident Theresa O’Malley. 
Harrisburg Strong Plan gets approval

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