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Homeowner detains would-be burglar until police arrive

Updated: Wednesday, January 15 2014, 09:18 PM CST
Reported by: Ewa Roman

FAIRVIEW TOWNSHIP -- A York County man tackled a burglar inside his home and pinned him down until police arrived. Tonight, he spoke with CBS 21 about how it all went down.

Monday afternoon, Kevin Baker came home for lunch to his Colonial Acres development. He saw a van parked in his driveway that he didn’t recognize.

Then Baker said he walked inside his house on Lexington Place and was in his kitchen when he heard some footsteps coming from upstairs. 

Suddenly, a man he'd never seen before, later identified as Robert Dierick, came downstairs acting like he was there on some sort of service call, hiding his face. 

When Baker made him sit down so he could call 911, Baker said that's when he was attacked and they started fighting.

"Once I had him pinned to the ground, I was kind of choking him with my forearm and he was backing off and was kind of like, ‘OK, stop hitting me,’ he said that one time and I wasn't going to let him go," Baker said.

Baker added that he wasn’t scared. His first reaction was to try and stop this man and later he was angry his home had been violated.

Baker says police later found some of his valuable inside Dierich's van.

Dierich is in York County Prison.
Homeowner detains would-be burglar until police arrive

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