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I-83 accident cleared after seven hours

Updated: Thursday, September 26 2013, 09:54 PM CDT
Photo courtesy of Bill Kalina/The York Dispatch 

Reported by: Ewa Roman

GLEN ROCK -- Interstate 83 northbound is back open. It was closed for seven hours because of a 10-vehicle pile up.

"Two and a half, three hours," truck driver Dan Spisak, a Chester County resident, said of his wait time.

"I was on that highway for three hours just moving tiny bit, tiny bit, tiny bit," said Mario Rios of North Carolina.

"Three hours, yeah," said Stacy Daigle, a New Freedom resident.
Drivers were frustrated and just trying to get somewhere.

"Just trying to get out of here or make it back to Lancaster, I figure another hour," Rios said.

Running out of gas, Daigle shut off her A/C hoping to save fuel.

"I'm two hours late for work and counting so hopefully they won't be upset," she added.

State police say that around 1:30 Thursday afternoon, traffic heading north on I-83 started to slow down in between the Loganville and Glen Rock exits. 

A tractor trailer in the passing lane wasn't able to slow his big rig in time and rear ended another vehicle which caused a chain reaction.

One truck driver stuck in the detour says drivers cut him off every day.

"I lose count and what people don't realize is it (that) takes about a little bit longer than a football field to stop one of these trucks at 55 miles an hour and that's on level dry pavement," Spidak said.

State police say seven people were taken to York Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

I-83 accident cleared after seven hours

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