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In wake of Navy Yard shooting, opponents call for gun law reform

Updated: Wednesday, September 18 2013, 06:10 PM CDT
Reported by Kristine Frazao:

Washington D.C. -- Within hours of the Navy Yard shooting, there were renewed calls for gun-control measures

Senator Dianne Feinstein rhetorically asked "when will enough be enough."

But not until it surfaced that the suspect was under treatment for mental illness was that discussed versus the already heated talk about gun-control.

The headline in the New York Daily News boiled down the Navy Yard shooting to "Same Gun, Different Slay" which turns out to be incorrect, as an AR-15 was not used at the Navy Yard.

No mention of the shooter’s arrests, run-ins with police, discharge from the Navy or probing questions about Aaron Alexis' mental state, for which he was being treated, according to his family.

"There are a lot of indicators before somebody murders," stated criminal investigator Stephen Tabeling.

Law enforcement veteran Stephen Tabeling says the singular connection between guns and mass shootings is to completely miss the fix.

"I've seen a lot of cases, Monday morning quarterbacking where things could have been prevented if the person would have been dealt with immediately when signs where there that he was a violent person," Tabeling added.

And the signs were there. Alexis was arrested on gun-related charges in Seattle but not charged as well as in Texas and also in Georgia and during his career with the Navy, Alexis  was cited multiple times for misconduct.  

According to Mother Jones, there have been at least 67 mass shootings over the last 30 years. After more recent rampages such as in Newtown, Connecticut last December and Aurora, Colorado in 2012, there have been immediate calls to pass more gun laws. Little is mentioned about mental health services or what more law enforcement could do.

"These incidents are very rare, and they involve people who are invariably, mentally, potentially violent and haven't either been caught by the system or treated by the system and they are tragic," explained NRA President David Keene.

"We confiscate guns, sometimes thousands of guns, every year," stated D.C. delegate Eleanor Norton Holmes.

Rare or not, District of Columbia delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton says Congress must act.

“In every last one of those guns comes from outside of the District of Columbia, comes from the region or comes from places that have lax gun laws,” Norton continued. “That's why you see many of us in Congress fighting for national gun reform legislation. Can't do it jurisdiction by jurisdiction."

A Gallup poll in May showed that 55 percent of Americans thought reducing gun violence should be a top priority, but not terribly high on the list of importance, as it falls behind reforming the tax code and entitlements.

Is there a rush to judgment about more gun controls after shootings like the one in Washington by a person being treated for mental illness?

Or are more controls needed to stop this type of violence.  Let us know on our Facebook page. 
In wake of Navy Yard shooting, opponents call for gun law reform

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