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Insurance agencies warn of more deer on the road

Updated: Wednesday, October 16 2013, 05:32 PM CDT
Written by: Kyle Rogers

As the colors of the leaves begin to change throughout Central Pennsylvania, insurance agents are reminding their clients to be more alert on the road.

In a year’s time, Pennsylvanians spent a total of over $400 million on deer-related car accidents, according to State Farm Insurance.

An average property claim when a deer hits a car rounds to $3300, said Lisa Pate, a State Farm Health Insurance representative based in York.

“If you’re going to hit a deer and it’s inevitable, it’s not really wise to avoid that,” said Pate. She said it’s best to not swerve from the deer because it could cause a more serious accident.

According to a study from State Farm Insurance, there were almost 119,500 accidents related to striking a deer. October is the second most dangerous way on the roads with November reaching the peak of the season, according to officials.

Pate said deer can be found almost anywhere in central Pennsylvania, from rural areas to cities. In findings from PennDOT, over the last four years, York and Lancaster counties lead with the numbers of deer-related crashes.

But in Pennsylvania, the state ranks fifth in the most prone for drivers to get into accidents, State Farm officials reported.

Pate said drivers need to be more aware of their surroundings while driving now, pay close attention to signs warning of deer, and to use high beams at night when the deer are most commonly outside between the hours of 5:00p.m. and 9:00p.m.

Deer hits are often covered by comprehensive auto insurance plans.

“Typically they are lower deductibles and might not affect your premium and might not accompany any kind of increase,” said Pate.

The study suggest while there are more drivers on the roads today, the number of deer-related crashes have lowered. Pate said it’s a good thing and has something to do with awareness.

PennDOT officials can remove dead deer from roadways – especially if they’re blocking the roadway – by calling 1-800-FIX-ROAD.
Insurance agencies warn of more deer on the road

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