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Internet and technology working to notify residents of crime in their cities

Updated: Thursday, August 1 2013, 10:26 PM CDT
Reported by Kyle Rogers

Harrisburg -- The Internet movement is helping to notify us of crime in the Capitol City.

Just last week, nine robberies were reported along with 14 burglaries, over two dozen sexual assaults including two rapes and a shooting.

But now there's action online to notify you -- almost instantly -- thanks to a police blotter from Harrisburg city and those who follow crime.

"The more the public is informed, the safer the public will be," said James Roxbury, who founded Roxbury News.

Through his news agency's website, he's using the city's blotter to instantly notify followers of the various police reports compiled by Harrisburg City Police.

Using Facebook, Twitter, and his website, he began sharing those messages with his online following to help effort local law enforcement and the public. Roxbury said Harrisburg has a crime-ridden reputation but hopes this web method of notifying others will help accurately portray the city he calls home.

He hopes that it will help "to portray the accurate incidents that are happening and transmit that to the public in Harrisburg, in hopes people will respond."

Roxbury, along with other local content creators, hope their work will help make a difference in investigating crime and keeping the public well-informed about some crimes that might otherwise not be reported.

"If there's somebody breaking windows in the section of mid-town, mid-town residents should know what's happening and be diligent," said Roxbury. "Turn on their lights at night, call neighbors across the street."

Roxbury said he's had positive response from local officials.

In addition, York and Lancaster Police also post detailed police logs on their websites.Internet and technology working to notify residents of crime in their cities

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