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Investigation continues into I-83 wreck; drivers lucky to be alive

Updated: Friday, September 27 2013, 06:39 PM CDT
Reported by: Donna Kirker Morgan

JACOBUS -- State police continue their investigation into what caused a 10-vehicle crash on I-83 just north of the Glen Rock exit Thursday afternoon.

The seven cars involved in the crash were taken to Beard's Towing in Jacobus where its owner showed CBS 21 an up close look at how close the drivers came to severe injuries or worse.

Seven people were taken the hospital with non-life threatening injures and most were released soon after the crash.

"I got on scene, asked how many fatalities, he said, 'None -- people are walking around; they should go to church on Sunday," Lance Beard said.

Only one driver was actually trapped in pile-up. His blue Hyundai was under the wheels of an 18-wheeler.

The Shrewsbury Fire Company's job was to secure the big rig with struts so other crews could  get the driver out.

"Any fire fighter will say in that magnitude look at it say, 'Wow,' and 'Focus on your job,'" said Tony Myers, Shrewsbury fire chief.

With the help of the Goodwill and Longanville Fire Companies, the driver was out of the car in about 10 minutes.

"Everyone was given a specific job to do," Myers said.

While their important work was done in minutes, Beard's Towing worked through the night -- now he looks on in astonishment. 

"The driver compartments -- you look at all of them, (it's) just amazing," he said.

It's not the worst accident he's seen but one that inspires faith.

The original report from state police say that there was a sudden slowing just before the accident and drivers were unable to stop. Police haven't determined why the slowing occurred.

PennDOT says there was some drainage work underway five miles north of where the accident occurred.

There is also a contractor working on ramps leading to and from Loganville.
State police say a full report will be made public as soon as possible.Investigation continues into I-83 wreck; drivers lucky to be alive

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