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Investigation continuing into Mechanicsburg daycare

Updated: Thursday, October 3 2013, 07:10 PM CDT
Reported by: Chris Papst 

MECHANICSBURG --  A daycare in Mechanicsburg has been shut down by the state after a child was strangled and went to the hospital.  

“It is all too common,” said Barbara Minzenberg with the Office of Child Development and Early Leaning. And she says what was happening at the Children’s Ark Early Learning Center was dangerous.

“These are unacceptable and they will be treated with the full extent of our authority,” said Minzenberg. 

Last Friday, the Children’s Ark was shut down and all the children were removed. A month earlier, the state received a complaint that a child was abused at the facility - a two-year-old was strangled and sent to the hospital.

An investigation began immediately, and the state found many violations; one employee did not have FBI fingerprint clearance to work there and five others did not have proper medical clearances.

The Department of Public Welfare declared, “gross incompetence, negligence and misconduct in operating a facility likely to constitute immediate and serious danger to the life or health of the children.”

Children’s Ark opened in November of 2012.  

“Our hope is that we can find healthy and safe environments for every child every day. But unfortunately that’s not the case,” she added. 

Childcares in Pennsylvania are inspected once a year and when they open. The investigation into this facility is continuing.  
Investigation continuing into Mechanicsburg daycare

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