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KKK trying to recruit new members in Franklin County

Updated: Wednesday, January 22 2014, 06:04 PM CST
Reported by: Kyle Rogers

WAYNESBORO -- David Bowers is used to picking up his newspaper dropped off in his driveway every morning, but he never expected what he would find on Monday.

"It said Noble Knights wants you to join and it gives you a phone number," said Bowers.

Small rocks and pebbles settled to the bottom of a Zip-Lock bag Bowers was holding, which included a flyer from a nearby chapter of the Ku Klux Klan.

"I actually felt somewhat violated to find something like this in my driveway," said Bowers. "Especially today in 2014."

Washington Township Police Department issued a statement Wednesday afternoon that confirmed officers recieved several calls of the "unwanted literature."

The phone number on the paper reflects a hotline with a Maryland area code.

Callers will be directed to a voice mail asking for a name, number, and an appropriate time to call.

While the phone call was not immediately returned, CBS 21 News was contacted by a representative of the organization who said the organization was focusing on Bower's neighborhood to recruit members.

Hoping to develop a neighborhood watch program to assist with local law enforcement, the representative said it was an organization for those identifying as "white" to join.

When asked on his reaction of how violated and disturbed the residents were to discovering the bag, the representative said it was not to come across as intimidating, adding that if those felt that way, they should disregard it.

Bowers, who did not call the hotline, found it upsetting and not-so-coincidental the white supremacy group dropped the bags off this Monday -- a day dedicated to remembering the life of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

"I'm surprised it's still here and actually meeting," he said. Several of his neighbors along Crest Avenue in Washington Township recieved the bags. One family did not want to appear on camera for fear of how vindictive the group could possibly be towards them.

Bowers said he would only call the number if he found another bag of rocks from the KKK on his property.

"They may not like the message I leave," he said. Washington Township Police added the incidents reported were mostly in the eastern side of township's borders.

A Waynesboro police official was notified of the recent incidents Wednesday morning. He asked if anybody comes across a bag, to let police know.

He added the person or persons responsible for dropping off the bags of rocks could face a fine for littering.

The KKK respresentative said he has not heard from local law enforcement regarding their latest recruiting method. 
KKK trying to recruit new members in Franklin County

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