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Kortne Stouffer's dad reacts to latest details about his missing daughter

Updated: Saturday, March 22 2014, 10:44 PM CDT
Written by Ewa Roman (

CBS 21 News has reaction tonight from Kortne Stouffer's father, who says he is angry that the Lebanon County DA isn't acting on what some people think is a huge lead in his daughter's disappearance.

Memorial Lake is on State Park property and CBS 21 News found out today that you would have to get permission to search it, among other things.

It's the lake where Amanda Ballester says Kortne's body was dumped. She has been missing since 2012. Since her disappearance, Ballester has come to police several times with information.

“She has contacted police officers with information on a couple of occasions," said David Arnold, Lebanon County District Attorney.
Lebanon County District Attorney David Arnold says he's not assembling a dive team to start looking for Kortne at Memorial Lake, because Ballester's story has changed and the facts are wrong.

“I don’t believe she has any ill motives, I just don’t think she knows what she’s talking about," said Arnold.

Arnold also told us that some times if there is doubt, the dive teams will say no anyway adding the water is dark and dangerous.

We asked him how much a dive team would cost, but he couldn't tell us.

On Saturday, we reached out to Scott Stouffer, Kortne's father. He says he is angry and that State Police have offered to help, but the DA turned them down.

So CBS 21 contacted State Police in Lebanon County. A spokesperson there says, "We are not going to take over their investigation. It's not our case."
Since our first story aired about the lake lead, hundred of people sounded off on our Facebook page:

Christine Sowers wrote, "Wonder if the DA would say the same thing if it was his daughter missing."

Susie Longsioux wrote, "Credible or not, they should be looking anyway...If it was my daughter I'd be out there looking whether authorities said I could or not....."

Shyanna Shelley said, "...I will talk to my fiance hes certified to dive and they fish that lake all the time. I will let ya know."
And Paige Zimmerman of Philadelphia started an online petition calling on the DA to start a search. More than three thousand people have signed it.

We also reached out to the DA again today to find out what would it take to search Memorial Lake for Possible signs of Kortne.

We haven't received calls back at this point.Kortne Stouffer's dad reacts to latest details about his missing daughter

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