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Last-minute shoppers find the hot toy of 2013 sold out everywhere

Updated: Monday, December 23 2013, 09:46 PM CST
Reported by: Kyle Rogers

MECHANICSBURG -- There are less than 36 hours away from Christmas morning, and if you've been out, you've probably stopped by the toy store.
And there is one gift this year that so many parents are after.

It's a mechanical dog that plays tricks. Tonight, we're hearing from some of santa's helpers about just how hard it was to find this dog, but once they get it, it will be hard to lose.

All night, the Toys 'R' Us on Carlisle Pike was packed with people picking up last-minute gifts. But anyone looking for the toy dog Zoomer, which a lot of kids want this year, can't be found at Toys 'R' Us -- or anywhere else -- at least for now.

Just like man's best friend, Zoomer can roll over, sit up, and play dead. 

"We have two cats at home and she wants a little puppy but it's like a real dog," April Tadley said.

It's one of the hottest toys out this Christmas -- much like Tickle Me Elmo was several years ago.

And 'twas two nights before Christmas, when naturally -- "Sold out. Nothing on the shelves, gone," Tadley said. 

As shoppers headed out for last-minute gifts. 

"The parking lot is full, so I figured it'd be pretty busy inside," Daniel Strittmatter, a last-minute shopper, said. 

"We even went as far as Sunbury, Selinsgrove, we couldn't find Soomer anywhere," Tadley said.

For Tadley, playing Santa's helper, it was the one thing her daughter really wanted, and she was searching high and low -- with help from the whole family across the country -- trying to find the powered pup.

"Right now, it's listed on Amazon and eBay for $180," she said.

Talk about a hot dog -- Zoomer is hitting the online market for well over double its retail price.

Tadley was able to track one down through sheer luck. 

"My husband was more excited than I was. We jumped in the car and were there in 20 minutes," she said. It was a fast, last-minute toy store run.

"We got one more stop and then we'll be done," Strittmatter said. 

"My daughter's gonna love it, she's 6 years old," Tadley said.

The toy is still available on eBay, but is sold out in stores.Last-minute shoppers find the hot toy of 2013 sold out everywhere

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