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LATEST INFO: Sinkhole opens up on Fourth Street, city says homeowner is responsible for repairs

Updated: Friday, February 21 2014, 09:49 PM CST
Reported by Kyle Rogers:

HARRISBURG -- A sinkhole has opened up in Harrisburg on the 2100 block of Fourth Street.

Officials tell us the melting snow is to blame.

This sinkhole opened up earlier Friday morning and right now, they're trying to find the source of the void under the street.

The city's public works department is on scene as of 4 p.m., they're working on putting down a camera inside a sewer line. They're not sure yet if that's the broken line, but they tell us it was definitely not a water line they're looking into.

Crews are blocking it off and while it doesn't look like a very big problem, what could be going on under the street is the concern for the men and women out working to fix it up.

They've been on scene for hours, but we are told nobody has been evacuated and their water and sewer lines have not been affected.

“The surfacing is a smaller hole but the actually void is larger than that,” explained Shannon Williams with the Harrisburg Authority. “We want to be very careful about making sure we know the extent of that and getting it filled in so we don’t have a situation with cars and trucks going down.”

You'll remember last year, when those massive sinkholes opened up just across Maclay Street on North Fourth from where this sinkhole opened up.

People living there had to be evacuated for some time. Old pipes were to blame and that is what crews on the scene of this sinkhole are dealing with, too.

We are told this stretch of Fourth Street between Maclay and Peffer will be closed for some time as crews work through the night trying to fix this problem.

For more information if you are concerned about this happening to you, click on the following links:
LATEST INFO: Sinkhole opens up on Fourth Street, city says homeowner is responsible for repairs

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