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Local father, son affected by government shut down

Updated: Friday, October 4 2013, 09:50 PM CDT
Reported by: Kyle Rogers

ORTANNA -- The government shutdown is affecting an Adams County family -- a father and son both facing drastic cuts as a result of being furloughed. 

Andrew Robinson, 20, and his father, Stephen, live near Gettysburg. They travel to Emmittsburg, Maryland for work at the National Fire Academy, however they haven’t had to drive much to work lately. Stephen’s hours have been cut; his son’s hours have been cut completely. 

Their story gained national attention in recent days since the two are both faces of the shutdown as well as 800,000 others throughout the country. 

Stephen, who supports his wife who is not able to work, was told he might lose his health insurance at the end of the month. 

“I hope they get it straightened out in another week or so,” the elder Robinson said. “If it drags on, I was told I may not have health insurance for myself at the end of the month.” 

Not only is health insurance a concern, but the reduction in pay could affect the roof over his head. He’d have to borrow more money on his house.

Andrew, a junior at Shippensburg University, wants Congress to act soon so he can get back to paying bills. He just purchased a new car and most likely will have to take money from his savings account.

Money he hoped he wouldn’t have to touch until later in life when he looks for a home, but the reality is he may have to draw some cash to get by the next couple of days.

While he has pending car payments, he worries about getting by through paying car insurance and gas. 

“So not to have that income coming in makes it really difficult,” Andrew said. 
While the two continue to figure out how to proceed, they hope Congress will do the same -- and move forward.

“I think they out of do their job a little better, before they go on a five-week recess,” said Stephen.

“I think they really need to look at what they’re doing,” said the younger Robinson. “They’re jeopardizing people in America right now.” 

Andrew said he’ll focus more time on his studies in lieu of earning the cash. His father is scheduled to work a couple days, but he could face less hours as the shutdown continues. 
Local father, son affected by government shut down

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