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Local man is driving force to help young men in need

Updated: Monday, September 9 2013, 07:34 AM CDT
Written by: Sherry Christian

It may "take a village to raise a child," but sometimes it just takes one person who cares or one company who cares. 

We found both.

Jason Brown of Enterprise Holdings, is a driving force for young men who need it most.  Brown says, "the best compliment to your legacy is to say you helped somebody." And there are several somebody's who will forever be paying a compliment to 36-year old Jason Brown, including the students at The Nativity School in Harrisburg.
Brown tutors students once a week, he spends time with them at summer camp and his entire company, Enterprise Holdings in Dauphin County, provides a meal every Thanksgiving.

Brown says his work family, is very supportive.  "So the staff, students and families just get to enjoy it and we get to give back so yeah my family at Enterprise, they're really supportive."

Diane Smith, Brown's co-worker, and the person who nominated him for this Making a Difference report is also involved.  In fact, she helps cook the food for the Thanksgiving dinner.  "It's important to us to be part of the community because Enterprise Holdings has done an amazing job reaching out to the community and doing special things for special people."

But Brown supports many special people, not just The Nativity School.  He and his daughters volunteer at the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank.  In fact,  he says he's able to give back because of the support from his wife and daughters and his parents.

Brown says his want to give back, comes from his upbringing.  "I would say I'm lucky and I think having a pretty strong family background and my parents were always involved and they always did for us, but did for others at the same time."

Now, he is instrumental in helping the students at The Nativity School reach their full potential, like 13-year-old Timacha Simpson, who's father isn't around. Simpson says he's thankful for Brown, who has taught him things he can't learn from a book, like respect.  Simpson has one more compliment for Brown's legacy.  "I think I'd tell him thanks for the good advice and that has helped me along the way and that will still help me throughout my life."

For more information about the nativity school click this link
Local man is driving force to help young men in need

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