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Man accused of killing baby claims he gave it a religious burial

Updated: Wednesday, August 14 2013, 05:03 PM CDT
Reported by: Christina Butler

YORK -- We're learning more today about the case authorities are building against Ummad Rushdi, the York County man accused of kidnapping his girlfriend's baby, seven-month-old Hamza Ali.

Police say Rushdi shook the baby to death, then buried him somewhere between Delaware County and York County.

Authorities are building a case of more than just kidnapping charges and will announce additional charges possibly this week. 

Yesterday, police removed 33 items from Rushdi's Windsor Township home -- most notably, two pickaxes, a trunk liner, and a book titled, "Murder in the Name of Allah."

The second search of the Castle Pond Drive home was initiated after investigators found a shirt with blood stains and baby items Hamza Ali's mother identified as being in Upper Darby when the baby went missing. 

The stained shirt was in a grocery bag, and police say it had other bodily fluids on it. 

More information also is being released about the three-day search of a wooded area between the Susquehanna River and Route 441 in Columbia, Lancaster County.

Police say a pillowcase was found there on Aug. 8, spread out on top of a rock.

A search dog alerted on the pillowcase, a nearby tree stup, and fallen branches. It is believed that Rushdi temporarily buried the baby there before moving its body.

Philadelphia news outlets are reporting that UPper Darby Police Chief Michael Chitwood has said Rushdi will not tell them where the baby's body is because he knows that could lead to steeper charges, derailing a shaken-baby defense.
Police alelge that Rushdi abused the baby in the three months prior to his disappearance.

Chitwood says Rushdi has claimed to have given the baby a proper religious burial. Rushdi is Muslim, and Chitwood believes that after moving the baby's body from Columbia, Rushdi wrapped the baby's body in a white shirt and re-buried it at another location in a deeper hole.

Man accused of killing baby claims he gave it a religious burial

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