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Man admits to throwing 3-year-old, causing fractured femur

Updated: Monday, October 28 2013, 10:09 AM CDT
A York County man is facing charges after allegedly throwing a 3-year-old, causing a fracture to his femur.

According to the criminal complaint, State Police in York received a call ,on Friday, from the York Hospital Emergency Room. A doctor reported that the 3-year-old was admitted to the ER and diagnosed with a fractured femur in his right leg. Officials at the hospital told officers that the circumstances surround the fracture were suspicious.

After speaking with doctors and looking at x-rays, the responding officer learned the fracture was caused by high impact to the bone.

The victim's mother told police that her boyfriend, Benjamin Brian Ladd, of Dallastown, came to her home that day. She told police that she took a shower and when she got out, she heard the boy crying and complaining that his leg hurt.

Ladd allegedly told the victim he was trying to sit the boy down, when his leg got twisted behind him.

Officers interviewed Ladd, who told police he  threw the boy down on his bed after he was misbehaving. He told police as he was throwing him down on the bed, the boy's leg became twisted underneath him.

He told police he was so enraged with the victim that he "saw red" before throwing him down.

Ladd is charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, endangering the welfare of children and recklessly endangering another person.  He was released on $40,000 bail. Man admits to throwing 3-year-old, causing fractured femur

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