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Man who allegedly abused toddler outside Walmart volunteered with children

Updated: Thursday, July 11 2013, 08:09 AM CDT

Reported by Ewa Roman

Newberry Township - Monday night, around 7:24, at a Walmart in Newberry Township, York County, a parent's nightmare came true.

According to court documents, a woman saw Robert Alfrey of York County, stalking a mother and her two-year-old girl. He waited until the mother's back was turned and the witness says that's when he decided to strike.

Court documents show a woman nearby yelled "hey!"

Alfrey replied, "what?"

Court records also reveal "he put his hands up in the air and the lady yelled that he was touching her daughter's private area."

Since then, CBS 21 News learned that Robert Alfrey, the man accused of molesting the two-year old, lives across the street from Crossroads Middle School and he was sworn in as a volunteer in Cumberland County, to be a court appointed special advocate for kids when there may be custody issues.

CASA says he was never given any children to work with.

"People who are child predators, gravitate toward volunteer and employment opportunities where it gets them close to kids," commented Angela Liddle.

Angela Liddle is the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance, a non-profit group that helps prevent child abuse by doing things like teaching people how to spot it and what to do.

"I think this customer in Walmart did the right thing. She drew attention to what was going on. She alerted the parent, she alerted other people around her enough that the man stopped and fled the store and we would say huge kudos to that woman for doing that and then kudos too for really good security system with cameras, " added Angela Liddle, executive director, PA Family Support Alliance.

Alfrey is out of jail on $50,000 dollars bail.

Man who allegedly abused toddler outside Walmart volunteered with children

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