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Man charged after pursuing, killing robber who broke into his house

Updated: Friday, December 27 2013, 08:17 PM CST
Reported by: Chris Papst

FAYETTEVILLE -- A homeowner is in jail tonight charged with murder after killing a man who broke into his Franklin County house.  

There’s a lot of chatter on-line about this falling under the castle doctrine or stand-your-ground law, but state police say that’s because the entire story has not been told.  

“It’s extremely rare,” said state police’s Robert Hicks. This is the first time I’m hearing about such an incident.”

It happened around 5:30 on Christmas morning at a trailer in the 1000 block of Mount Cydonia Road in Franklin County. Police say two men were inside when 21-year-old Janorris Hughes broke in holding a rifle and demanded money.

A struggle then ensued. Court documents explain that Hughes shot one man three times, then dropped the gun and took off running.

That’s when Mickle Shaffer picked up the .22-calibre rifle, put in his own ammunition, grabbed a flashlight and said, “I’ll shoot that (expletive) with his own rifle,” according to police.

It took Shaffer 30 minutes to find Hughes. He then shot him in the back once, killing him. Witnesses say Hughes was trying to scale an embankment when Shaffer shot him. Shaffer said Hughes reached for his aistband as if he had a weapon.  

“At that point in time, he had no right to shoot that individual. He was already in that situation. To the best of his ability he should have attempted to keep that robber there. But once that robber began to flee, he didn’t have a right to shoot him,” said Hicks.

All three men involved in this situation have extensive criminal records. The picture of Hughes was from a previous arrest. The man who was shot is expected to survive. 
Man charged after pursuing, killing robber who broke into his house

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