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Man credited with rescuing woman from burning building

Updated: Friday, September 6 2013, 09:50 PM CDT
Reported by: Ewa Roman

HARRISBURG -- Around 1 p.m. Friday afternoon, Ronnie Ballard was inside his upstairs apartment at the 1900 block of Berryhill Street in Harrisburg when he smelled smoke.

He and his family quickly ran outside, but he noticed his downstairs neighbor, who is on oxygen, struggling to get out.

"As I got to the door, she was kind of staggering out already. Like she was wanting to give up. So I grabbed her and got her to the seat while heavy smoke was still coming out," Ballard, saved the woman from the burning building, said.

Ronnie couldn't move her alone, so he yelled for help.

Those standing around came and helped him carry her out onto the sidewalk.
It took seconds, but it seemed like minutes.

"You see the fire! I'm standing by the door, nothing but heavy smoke coming out. I didn't want to leave the lady's side. I ain't gonna say I wasn't scared, I was, man," Ballard said.

Fire officials now credit Ronnie and others who helped carry her out for saving the woman's life.

"It's surely lucky that they came to her assistance and were able to bring her out of harm's way," Gary Neff, Harrisburg Deputy Fire Chief, said.

Ballard is just glad this story had a happy ending.

"I'm so grateful that this lady is okay. And we're all safe. It's a nice sunny day, I'm just gonna live life," Ballard said.

Fire fighters say the fire is not suspicious and started in the first floor kitchen.
Man credited with rescuing woman from burning building

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