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Man shot in Carlisle, neighbors say he was part of love triangle

Updated: Monday, September 23 2013, 11:24 AM CDT
UPDATE: Police have a suspect in custody in the shooting. They have arrested 49-year-old Brian Hippensteel for shooting 53-year-old Timothy Bouder Saturday evening in the 600 block of North West Street.

Bouder suffered two gunshot wounds to the head and neck. He is listed in stale condition.

Hippensteel is facing numerous charges including attempted murder and aggravated assault.

Reported by Jesse Knutson (

CARLISLE -- A man was shot in the head Saturday afternoon in the 600 block of North West Street in Carlisle.
Police say a man sitting in a car shot another man sitting in a car across the street with a rifle. A total of two shots were fired, one of those shots hit the victim in the head.
Neighbors who live nearby saw and heard the whole ordeal. The man was yelling out of his blue truck, Im going to kill you. Robert Shiffler Senior, said.  
The guy in the truck was hit, and said, You shot me, you shot me! Jim Gibson, owner of Firehouse Antiques, said.
The second shot missed the victim, but came within feet of hitting Jim Gibson who was watching the shooting from his shop window. The bullet left a hole in his wall, and he later found the casing while searching with police.
The shooter sped off before police could get to the scene.
The man who was shot was able to get out of his car by himself and walk to a nearby porch. A nurse who lived next door ran to his assistance until paramedics arrived.
He was bleeding from his head, Shiffler said. I ran over to make sure the guy was alright and I was on the phone with the police with about 20 other people who were on the phone with police too.
Police and paramedics arrived within five minutes. The man who was shot was flown to Hershey Medical Center according to neighbors.
Neighbors say they know the shooter, and they told police the identity of the man. Witnesses say the shooter was married to the woman whose mother lives on the street, but for the last few nights, neighbors saw the woman coming home with the man who was shot.
It was all over a domestic disturbance, Gibson said. The wife was there with the guy whos not her husband, and thats the guy who got shot. The husband showed up when he was here to pick her up, and the shooting ensued, and now hes being hunted.
Shiffler said the neighborhood has never seen violence like this before, and something needs to be done to make sure it doesnt happen again. They need to make stronger laws on these guns, because thats just ridiculous. I mean, this is one of the quietest neighborhoods in Carlisle, you'd expect it down the street, youd expect it in Harrisburg, but not here.
 Man shot in Carlisle, neighbors say he was part of love triangle

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