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Mayor Thompson says 'Strong Plan' will bring business to the city

Updated: Tuesday, October 15 2013, 05:18 PM CDT
Mayor Linda Thompson says the Harrisburg Strong Plan is working to bring more businesses and residents into the city.

The Mayor announced on Tuesday, that the city has outlined a comprehensive plan to set guidelines for incoming developers and businesses

That plan will work to grow not only the economic aspect of the city, but to show how the city can capitalize most on how their land is used.

The Mayor urged that although guidelines are set up, input from the community about their ideas is crucial.  "The people should be involved with deciding whether they want a coffee shop in their neighborhood.  All too often, over the years, the government has made these decisions and the business people and the residents have been left out.  So here's the process where the people's voice matters.  As I said to you in my message just now, the most important voice and most loudest voice should be it's residents,"Thompson said.

The first grass roots meeting open to the public about the plan, will be held on Wednesday night. Mayor Thompson says 'Strong Plan' will bring business to the city

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