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Mayor-elect Eric Papenfuse swearing-in on Jan. 6 at city hall

Updated: Friday, December 27 2013, 09:16 PM CST
Posted by: Lauren Gross

HARRISBURG - Mayor-elect Eric Papenfuse has announced he will be sworn into office at 10 a.m. Jan. 6 in a simple ceremony in the lobby of city hall. After the swearing-in, he and his cabinet immediately will get to work cleaning the facility and reorganizing city government.

"We have decided we want to forego an elaborate ceremony and gala and ask our supporters to immediately turn their energies to helping us get started on the work at hand," Papenfuse said in a statement. "We think a simple swearing-in ceremony without undue pomp is the right message to send at this time in Harrisburg's history."

Papenfuse has invited newly elected members of city council to join him in being sworn in at city hall. 

There will not be an inaugural ball, Papenfuse said. "Instead, we are asking people to donate to a new fund we will be establishing to help maintain and restore city hall and the public safety building."

Papenfuse said government facilities are in desperate need of major cleaning and renovation, including "roofing repairs, telephone and IT system upgrades and flooring." The city's budget is not adequate to fund these major repairs and renovations, Papenfuse said.

"We recently toured some of the offices in city hall and were alarmed at the evident lack of maintenance, the unkempt appearance of the offices and the inattention to proper record-keeping," Papenfuse said. "We are issuing a call to the community to help us maintain and beautify City Hall."

Papenfuse said he had not been able to tour the mayor's suite, but believes there should be no need for major repairs in these offices.

"We are focusing on the public areas and offices where city hall staff have to work, receive high-level guests and our fellow citizens," Papenfuse said. "We are especially concerned about the state of our public safety wing that needs immediate attention."

Papenfuse also will work with the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service committee to make city hall a possible project focus for community volunteers on Jan. 20.

"We want to engage volunteers as much as possible in this effort," Papenfuse said.  "City hall should be a focus of pride for our community and provide an example of cleanliness and beauty."

For more information, contact Joyce M. Davis at:; or call 717-649-2090.
Mayor-elect Eric Papenfuse swearing-in on Jan. 6 at city hall

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