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Mayor-Elect Eric Papenfuse takes office on Monday

Updated: Saturday, January 4 2014, 10:29 AM CST
Posted by: Kelly Christ

HARRISBURG -- Mayor-Elect Eric Papenfuse assumes office Monday in a simple ceremony in the lobby of City Hall.

Judges Marsha Stewart and Jeannine Turgeon will preside over the swearing-in ceremony that will include several city council members as well as newly-elected Controller Charles DeBrunner.

"This will be a simple but solemn event that will be open to the public," Papenfuse said.  "We think the  citizens of Harrisburg want leaders who are serious and focused.  They are ready for us to get to work."

Papenfuse said there will not be an inaugural ball,  and he wants to focus instead on finding resources for badly needed repairs to City Hall. After the swearing-in ceremony, Papenfuse will lead media representatives on a tour of the Public Safety Building and of City Hall.

"We want people to understand how badly repairs are needed in the heart of our city, especially in areas where our police officers must meet every day,"  Papenfuse said.

Papenfuse said government facilities are in desperate need of major cleaning and renovation, including roofing repairs, telephone and IT system upgrades and flooring."  The city's budget is not adequate to fund these major repairs and renovations, Papenfuse said.  "That's why we've issued a call to the community to help us maintain and beautify City Hall."Mayor-Elect Eric Papenfuse takes office on Monday

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