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Middleburg couple enters plea in 2013 killing

Updated: Thursday, March 20 2014, 06:00 PM CDT
Written by: Lea Jolan (

A Middleburg couple enter pleas for a 2013 killing.

Husband and wife, Joshua and Jennifer Snook, enter pleas Thursday for charges related the murder of Bonnie Snook.  Under the plea agreements, Joshua Snook will serve 20 to 60 years in state prison and Jennifer Snook will serve 5 to 15 years. 

The couple will be Sentenced in late May in Snyder County Court.

The allegations for the charges state that on February 17, 2013, Joshua Snook and his wife Jennifer conspired to seek revenge on Aaron Brannon after an argument with him at a bar.  Jennifer drove Joshua to is grandparent's home where she parked in a nearby cemetery and waited while Joshua went inside to steal a handgun. 

During a fight with his grandparents, Joshua stabbed Dale in the arm and fatally stabbed Bonnie in the neck.  After Josh returned to the vehicle with the handgun, Jennifer drove away but was stopped and arrested by police who responded to a 911 call by Dale.

Joshua Snook pleaded guilty to third-degree murder of Bonnie Snook, no contest to conspiracy to commit third-degree murder against Brannon, and no contest to aggravated assault for stabbing Dale Snook. 

Jennifer Snook pleaded no contest to conspiracy to commit third-degree murder and conspiracy to commit burglary of the Snooks’ home.

Pleading no contest is not an admission of guilt to the crimes, but admits that the prosecution has sufficient evidence to convict the defendant of those crimes.Middleburg couple enters plea in 2013 killing

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