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Mom lives to see three daughters get married, dies the day after

Updated: Tuesday, October 15 2013, 05:18 PM CDT
Photo Courtesy: Fox 5


Three sisters from Snellville shared a very special memory with their mother when they got married in an emotional triple wedding ceremony on Sunday afternoon.  Becky Swales wanted to live to see her daughters walk down the aisle.  That wish came true, but she lost her battle to breast cancer early Monday morning. 

Jodie, Sarah and Kaylie Swales said their vows to their fiances with their mom sitting in the front row.  The sisters, who were all engaged, planned their triple wedding after learning she only had a few months to live.  They were originally scheduled to wed on October 26. 

But last week, doctors delivered the heartbreaking news that Becky's battle might be over in just a couple of weeks, so the girls decided to change their plans.  They moved their ceremony up to Sunday afternoon-- ensuring that their mom would be there to see it. 

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