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Most feel Lebanon City did a better job cleaning the streets after this snow storm

Updated: Friday, January 3 2014, 06:47 PM CST
Reported by Donna Kirker-Morgan:

LEBANON -- Snow removal and street clearing were declared as being "better" by some people living in Lebanon on Friday.

Many residents were not happy with the city for how it failed to clear streets from a snow storm in the middle of December.

The public concerns prompted some policy changes.

Ice built up on Lebanon City roads during that mid-December storm because there was a policy not to plow unless four inches of snow fell.  The city only got two inches in that storm but then came a blast of cold air.

“What they changed in their policy was every storm is different  and that the city can't have a black and white approach to snow removal,” explained Lebanon Mayor Sherry Capello.

Friday we saw a variety of roads in Lebanon City, Walnut, Lincoln and Eighth Street each had various snow conditions, but there wasn't the ice build-up seen after the December storm.

"We first salted  and that takes  about five hours to get through the streets, then we began plowing around midnight," Capello said.

A landscaper who was out plowing Friday says it is much better than last snow fall.  Zac Hostetter agreed, "I'm impressed.

We also talked with a local businessman Rusty Barr.

'Actually, I saw the side streets improved to last time, it was pretty treacherous,” commented Barr.  “It's really hard with side streets and the cars to get through, but better job this time.”

Of course, not everyone thought enough was done. By mid-day Friday, Troy Massey was upset about Second Street. He believes that crews hadn't gotten to his road yet.

"Looks to me, and I've been out here this morning and look like less (has been) done in all actuality," he said

In the meantime,  police told CBS21 News they continue to work on reconstructing an accident that occurred during that December storm. A pregnant 19-year-old Angelina Noggle
died and a few days later so did her baby.

The police chief continues to say "It would be irresponsible to say that (ice) was the only factor involved" until they complete their investigation.

The Chief says the results of that investigation could still be a few weeks away.  
Most feel Lebanon City did a better job cleaning the streets after this snow storm

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