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Mother asleep when 8-year-old shot near Shippensburg

Updated: Tuesday, September 3 2013, 05:39 PM CDT
Written by: Donna Kirker-Morgan

CBS 21 has new details on the shooting of an 8-year-old boy near Shippensburg, Cumberland County.

According to the search warrant, the boy's mother told police she was asleep and did not hear the gunshot. Officials say the woman's youngest son woke her up with the horrible news.

According to the warrant, officials searched the Southampton Township home on Sunday just after the shooting. The documents only refer to the children and mother by their first names, but due to the sensitivity of the case, we will not use them.

The documents give us more details about what may have happened inside the Broad Street home.  Paperwork confirms that the children only visited this home on weekends.

"I've been over there quite a few times and never saw kids," a township resident told us.  She did not want us to use her name.

The 8-year-old victim's mom tells police she was sleeping when the shooting occurred, instead her 6-year-old son woke her to say that he shot his brother.

When troopers arrived,  the mom appeared quote "lethargic".  She says she is on medication and is willing to take a blood test.

She also tells troopers she knew that a loaded revolver and loaded rifle were kept under the bed in the master bedroom where she was sleeping.

The search warrant also talks about the debris scattered around the outside the home.  It says the youngest boy was taken from his mother because county children and youth services determined the home unfit for children.

The shooting has shaken up the neighborhood.

"Don't mess walk away, tell an adult," said a young neighbor Eric Baker, when we asked what kids should do when they find a gun.

At last check, the 8-year-old remains in grave condition at Hershey Medical Center.

We are told that state police will probably file papers tomorrow on what evidence they removed from the home, with the help of the search warrant.

The warrant lists many items they would want including, firearms, casings, bullet fragments, gunshot residue, blood stains, DNA, clothing, blood, and the cell phone records of the children's mother.Mother asleep when 8-year-old shot near Shippensburg

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