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Murder/suicide in Franklin County

Updated: Sunday, August 25 2013, 09:51 PM CDT
Two people are dead after a murder/suicide in Greene Township, Franklin County Saturday night.

PSP in Chambersburg say Gordon Brown, 60, shot and killed his wife, Kelly Brown, 40, before turning the gun on himself.

Conner says both Gordon and Kelley died of single gunshot wounds to the head.

Neighbors say that Gordon and Kelley were a happy couple with two kids, and they can’t believe this happened.
“Great people, great family. They’ve never had any sort of issues with the neighborhood,” said neighbor Brett Myers.
Brett and his brother Kyle Myers live next door to Kelley and Gordon Brown on the 400 block of Allen Drive in Greene Township. When they heard that they were both dead today in a murder suicide, they couldn’t believe it.
Kyle stated, “I don’t feel that it’s honestly hit me yet, or it hasn’t sunk in. It’s devastating.”
Police say sometime between 11:00pm Saturday night and 5:00am Sunday morning, Gordon Brown shot and killed Kelley Brown, before turning the gun on himself.
Gordon was transported to the hospital, but was pronounced dead around 5 AM. Jeffrey Conner, the Franklin County Coroner, said Kelley died just before 4 AM.
Brett and Kyle say that the couple had two young boys aged 9 and 11, and that they were very loving parents.

“Mike was a loud guy, he was very noticeable, but he was a real soft guy at heart. As for Kelly, she was always all about her kids, they loved to have parties in the back yard and pool parties and barbeques. They seemed to be really great people,” Brett told CBS 21.
Kyle said how,“Their kids are always swimming in the pool, friends coming over, seemed all perfectly normal.”
Neighbors say they didn’t hear any commotion until the police arrived, at which time they had no idea what was going on. Luckily, according to neighbors, the young boys were not home at the time.

Brett said, “As far as I know they were either with family or friends and had stayed the night over there.”
People who live on the street say that this is a quiet neighborhood, and nothing like this has ever happened before.
“These types of things happen all over, you just never really think it can happen in your neighborhood near your house and your friends,” said Kyle.
Kyle and Brett say that their neighborhood won’t be the same without the couple next door.
At this time, it's unclear why Gordon Brown shot his wife, and neighbors say everything seemed fine leading up to last night.Murder/suicide in Franklin County

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