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'Naked and Scared' haunted house now requires underwear

Updated: Thursday, September 26 2013, 07:23 PM CDT
Reported by: Jesse Knutson

SINKING SPRING -- Haunted houses are filled with creepy clowns, scary spiders, and people jumping out behind dark corners, but now a Berks County haunted house will have people parading their underwear.

The ‘Naked and Scared Challenge’ at Shocktoberfest originally planned to allow guests to go through the haunted house fully nude, but after some questions of legality arose, Shocktoberfest decided to respect the wishes of local municipalities.

Patrick Konopelski has run Shocktoberfest for 22 years and he says he came up with the idea while watching a Discovery Channel show called ‘Naked and Afraid.'

“I was watching it and I’m like, ‘Wow, these people are genuinely scared,’” Konopelski said.  He decided that he would take the idea and apply it to his haunted house, with the view that when you’re naked, you feel more vulnerable and have no protection, allowing you to be scared at a whole new level.

“I’ve been doing Shocktoberfest for 22 years. Eery year it gets a little harder to scare the guests that come here. They’re always looking for that next level of fear,” Konopelski explained.

The ‘Naked and Scared Challenge’ gained international attention, with Konopelski getting calls from places as far away as Scandinavia and the United Kingdom, but when the local municipalities heard about it, they questioned the legality of the idea.

Shocktoberfest lies in two municipalities, Sinking Spring and Spring Township. Governing bodies of both municipalities said they were not sure of the legality of the idea, but they were uncomfortable with the fully nude idea.  Konopelski contends that the idea is completely legal.

“As long as it’s all adults, and as long as it’s all consenting adults, and you’re not exposing minors or exposing it to anyone who doesn’t want to be exposed to it, it’s completely legal,” he said.

The municipalities said they are comfortable with guests wearing underwear at the haunted house, so for this year, Konopelski says that will be just fine.

“We want to be a good neighbor, we want to play by the rules, we just have to know what the rules are,” he said. Konopelski says that the plan is to work with the local municipalities over the next year to make the ‘Naked and Scared Challenge’ what it was originally intended to be.

For people planning to attend Shocktoberfest and participate in the ‘Naked and Scared Challenge’ in their underwear, the trip through the haunted house will happen after hours, when fully clothed guests have finished their trips through the haunted house (around 10 p.m.), everyday except Sunday.

If you bought a ticket for the ‘Naked and Scared Challenge’ believing you would be able to go through the haunted house naked and you’re not satisfied with your ticket purchase now that going through naked is not an option, Shocktoberfest says they will refund your money. 
'Naked and Scared' haunted house now requires underwear

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