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New City Island Stadium

Updated: Friday, March 21 2014, 12:28 AM CDT
Reported by Jesse Knutson
Contributor: Lea Jolan (

The City Islanders unveiled their plans for a brand new $14 million  stadium on City Island Thursday

Right now the City Islanders play in a less than luxurious venue the organization says has to be upgraded.
City Islander owner, Eric Pettis says, “We’ve got a great environment down there, but it’s not as good as most high school stadiums.”
Players are changing in trailers and using porto-potties according to Dauphin County Commissioners chairman, Jeff Haste.
The new stadium is expected to bring new business to Harrisburg. It will have more than 4,500 seats, brand new facilities including top-of-the-line locker rooms for the players, and also classrooms, where local kids can learn about soccer and have an environment that encourages learning.
An economic study found that the new stadium could help attract more than 150,000 visitors to Harrisburg each year who are expected to spend nearly $4 million locally.

The new stadium is not just for soccer but concerts, rugby tournaments, and all events.

The goal is to have all of these bleachers replaced by the new stadium by the 2016 season.New City Island Stadium

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