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New home will give child amputee freedom

Updated: Tuesday, August 13 2013, 09:11 AM CDT
Deven Jackson is walking with the help of new crutches and his prosthetic legs, or as he says, “robot legs”.  It was just last year when the 9-year-old from Perry County suffered from a near-deadly infection costing him his legs. He, along with his parents and younger brother, live in a trailer near Shermans Dale – a home limiting the freedom of a boy who’s already lost so much.

Just recently, almost 30 volunteers came by the Jackson’s property where not too far from the trailer they’re building a new home. This home will be custom-made for Deven and be handicapped accessible.

“I can do everything I can,” he said when discussing his new home. “I can go into the bathroom and I can take my shower.”

Deven’s mother, Michelle, said the volunteers – many they didn’t know -- spent the entire weekend working to put up the frame and the roof. They worked in rainy conditions. Even Deven got in on the construction to help.  But the family expressed gratitude for all of the help.  As for Deven, he already has some ideas in mind for his new home. He’s hoping to add a pond, which his father says is a dream for now, but he looks forward to the deck.

An avid New York Giants fan, Deven wants his room to be painted the football team’s colors. Hoping to go to a Giants game, ideally in the Super Bowl, he looks forward to hanging posters of his favorite players like Eli Manning and Victor Cruz.

“It’s amazing,” said his mother. “You never know how much people do care until something tragic happens. The cards, the prayers, the donations…it’s overwhelming and it helps you get through the hard days.”

There’s a lot of work to finish  including the electrical, plumbing, drywall and more, but the family hopes to move in before the holidays.


How you can help:

- Contribute to: Deven Jackson Fund, Bank of Landisburg, 5125 Spring Road, Shermans Dale, PA 17090

- Send gift cards from Home Depot and Lowe’s to Deven Jackson, 16 Mill Road, Shermans Dale, PA 17090

- Visit: home will give child amputee freedom

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