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New state standards will judge schools on students' performance

Updated: Wednesday, September 18 2013, 05:57 PM CDT
Reported by: Donna Kirker Morgan

HARRISBURG -- The way local schools are judged to have made the grade is about the change.

The focus will no longer be just on reading and math scores, but will include a wide range of criteria.

The state education department is launching the school performance profiles which will hit their website on Sept. 30.

"It’s our own version of 'No Child Left Behind.' We will look at multiple measure for academic health of a school,” Carolyn Dumeresque, state secretary of education, said, referring to the federal act mandated by Congress.

The state got a waiver from the No Child Left Behind Program, as did many other states.

The mulitple measures will add up to a grade for local schools. However, it will no longer be just based on reading and math scores -- now graduation rates, participation in standardized testing, and a school's ability to improve on any academic deficiencies all will play a part in that final grade.

The ramifications are for lowest performing schools and they get state help, with resources to be focused on that school to fix the deficiencies.

The state is touting this as a new open window into your school -- good for parents and educators.

“What I hope will happen is a school district superintendent could look, if they have area of weakness, could look nearby at another school contact that superintendent what material using strategy are you using,” Dumeresque said.
New state standards will judge schools on students' performance

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