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New video shows fight that sent Boiling Springs grad to hospital

Updated: Thursday, February 27 2014, 08:08 PM CST
Reported by: Donna Kirker Morgan

BLOOMSBURG -- CBS 21 has obtained cell phone video of a brawl that occurred this past weekend in Bloomsburg that has left a Boiling Springs High School graduate in a coma, while an eyewitness  describes the hit to Jackie Lithgow’s head as revolting.

Bloomsburg students also believe football players from Kutztown University may have been involved in the fight.  

The fight occurred at around 1 a.m. on Iron Street which is off-campus.

Lithgow was one of two 19-year-olds taken to the hospital. Lithgow remains in critical condition Wednesday.

In the video you hear a student’s voice say that “they are trying to kill someone,” as the brawl involved more than 30 young people.

We're told Jackie Lithgow stepped in to stop it. 

Broc Rutherford is a Bloomsburg University student from Lancaster County. He watched as Jackie stepped into the fray and asked the guys to stop. He says Lithgow was considerably smaller than those involved in the fight, calling them “huge.”

“He was just standing there. Someone came up from behind hit him in the head and like it was disgusting,” Rutherford said.

This video we believe shows Jackie going down and then being carried by friends. Shortly after, the police arrive. 

The party was held in an apartment by Zeta Psi fraternity members but Broc says they did everything to keep things under control. He says the fraternity members did not allow the people to attend the party and that was the match that lit the fight.

“It was outsiders,” he says that proved the fight.

Sources tell CBS 21 News that those kids included Kutztown University football players. That is the word on campus and in Jackie's hometown of Boiling Springs.  

Bloomsburg police will not confirm but say arrests could come this week.  A Bloomsburg Council member says fights like this are always of concern. Eric Bower said unfortunately things do happen and when there are block parties and other events it can draw in outsiders, and as you can see, that caused these problems from another university, he says.

In the meantime, faculty at Boiling Springs High School are uniting to raise money for Jackie’s family. Other fundraisers have been set up online. A blog by his mother indicates some mixed results for nervous system tests. Swelling in his brain forced surgeons to remove part of his skull.

New video shows fight that sent Boiling Springs grad to hospital

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