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New year means new gas tax takes effect

Updated: Wednesday, January 1 2014, 07:48 PM CST
Reported by: Donna Kirker Morgan

HARRISBURG -- There is a chance you were hit with sticker shock if you filled up your car today. A new wholesale gas tax went into place today to help pay for better roads and bridges in Pennsylvania.

The new prices reflect what was approved by the legislature through the transportation funding bill in November. CBS 21 found some stations have boosted their prices as of 2014 while others have not. Higher gas prices never get people pumped up, as we again heard today.

Juanita Hawkins of  Harrisburg says the higher cost for gas will impact her because she commutes to Hershey every day.

Gregory Mack says it will impact him by making it more difficult to buy things for his grandkids and reduce his grocery consumption. But this most recent pain at the pump comes with the promise of improving thousands of deficient bridges and roads in Pennsylvania.

Starting Jan. 1, 2014, we begin to pay for it with a 10-cent boost in the wholesale gas tax.

“A bridge did collapse in Midwest. It’s fair warning need to work to maintain what we have,” said Richard Rissmiller of Middletown. On Wednesday, we found a Susquehanna Township gas station that had its price boosted by 15 cents compared to last week at this time.

However, a gas station in Harrisburg only posted a few cents' gain. A lot of people say that something had to be done about the infrastructure in the state, but they expressed little confidence in how the additional revenues will be spent.

“We pay a lot of tax dollars to fix them and they don't do what they said they were going to do anyway,” said Hawkins.

“I think if people who make major decisions were more financially a dept at what they are doing, we wouldn't have to pay out of our pockets,” Sharon Antes of Middletown said.

In the long term, the wholesale gas tax will grow bigger with each new year, eventually resulting in 28.5 cents more per gallon by the year 2018. This is part of a formula to raise $2.3 billion over the next four years. predicts the entire country will see higher gas prices this year, due to market conditions. It predicts that Pennsylvania drivers will see prices peak in 2014 between $3.85 and $3.99.
New year means new gas tax takes effect

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