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Officials conduct crash drill at HIA

Updated: Saturday, September 7 2013, 10:10 PM CDT
Reported by Ewa Roman

Preparing for a plane crash.

Hundreds of people met at Harrisburg International Airport Saturday to conduct a full-scale emergency training drill.

More than 100 people were getting their make-up done, make to look almost like zombies.

 "Expect chaos, chaos," said Winston Schuyler, volunteer, Troop 203 Boy Scouts.

But, it's not a movie set.

What they're getting ready to act out could mean the difference between life and death.

"Story is, I'm going to visit my grandchildren and the last thing I remember, I was on a place and there was a bang, I had no idea what happened after that.  Lots of screaming, wind," said Mary Hall, volunteer.

A mock plane crash.

It's a drill the FAA requires once every three years.

This one happened at HIA and included Dauphin County EMS, local police and even hospitals.

"You got to be fast at it and not think too much when you're doing it, just apply it," said Paula Winehold, EMT.

They work together.  Perfecting the things they get right and fixing those they don't.

"Often, we find that communication is the big complication. And we know that's going to be the case in an actual emergency. So we try to make that as realistic and authentic as possible," said Tim Edwards, Executive Director, Harrisburg International Airport.

They hope it doesn't happen.

But they'll be ready if it does.    

In about one week, all of the first responders involved will meet to go over the drill and talk about what they could do better.



Officials conduct crash drill at HIA

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