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Ohio 10-year-old suspended for making fingers into gun shape

Updated: Tuesday, March 4 2014, 06:44 PM CST
(CNN) -- Ten-year-old Nathan Entingh doesn't understand why he got suspended from school for three days.

According to his father, Paul Entingh, one moment the boy was "goofing off" with his friends in fifth grade science class, and the next the teacher was taking him out of the classroom invoking Ohio's zero-tolerance policy.

The offense? Nathan was "making his fingers look like a gun, having the thumb up and the pointed finger sticking out," said Entingh, describing the February 26 incident.

"He was pointing it at a friend's head and he said 'boom.' The kid didn't see it. No other kids saw it. But the teacher saw it," he said. "It wasn't threatening. It wasn't hostile. It was a 10-year-old kid playing."

To read the entire story and see the video, click here: 10-year-old suspended for making fingers into gun shape

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