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Orange 4 Owen Fundraiser

Updated: Saturday, January 11 2014, 08:07 PM CST
Posted by Don Yeager (

HARRISBURG -- The Penn State University Harrisburg men's basketball team went Orange 4 Owen on Saturday.

The team held a fundraiser for Owen's Foundation which raises awareness for distracted driving.

Back in 2011, 8 year-old Owen Brezitski was hit and killed by a young girl who was searching through songs on her iPod.

So in order to prevent this tragedy from ever happening to another family, Owen's Foundation was created.

Owen's older sisters actually came up with the idea and name and say that orange was his favorite color.

At the event on Saturday, some of Owen's classmates even got to play in a scrimmage basketball game during halftime of the Penn State Harrisburg game.Orange 4 Owen Fundraiser

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