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Owner of Gettysburg shop says items missing worth more than $100K

Updated: Wednesday, August 14 2013, 05:14 PM CDT
Reported by: Kyle Rogers

GETTYSBURG -- A Civil War artifacts shop is dealing with the aftermath of a huge loss.

Police say a former employee stole more than $100,000 worth of artifacts from the store, then tried to sell and trade them online. 

Police say the thefts happened over the last year. Brendan Synnamon, owner of the shop, says he noticed money and items missing. Most of the stuff was in storage, but a post on Facebook led police to discover the man who stole it.
"It's just sad," Synnamon said. 

When you go inside the little shop on York Street, you'll see a lot of war memorabilia. Some of the pieces are worth thousands of dollars. But in the process of moving locations, Synnamon says some items went missing.

The items included "historic items from presentation swords to Confederate currency, all across the board," Synnamon said. 

A Synnamon's other shop at the Outlets near Gettysburg he noticed some security cameras were unplugged and records were not adding up.

"I went to that Facebook page and found numerous items that were not to be sold from my private collection that were then being sold online," he said.

Police believe Richard Holliday, a former employer of the Union Drummer store, stole thousands of dollars of artifacts. Officials say Holliday used Facebook to post pictures of the items, hoping to sell it all, in a group page called "The Trade Blanket." Police say he used the screenname "Richard Ain't Nobody Got Time For That Holliday."

"We do background checks. We do what we can," Synnamon said.

Police reported sevearl items were stolen from the Civil War era as well as both World Wars, including three firearms, belt plates, buttons, and insignia.
"Pieces of the ship from the Boston Tea Party, currency from the war, things you can't replace," Synnamon detailed as being among the items taken.

Synammon believes his artifacts were in boxes as they were moving between locations.

"There are still some items that PSP are holding until I can go through my records and prove my mind and at least $50,000 worth of outstanding items missing," he said.

Synnamon said he saw photos of the stolen items online with his own handwriting, and after police obtained a search warrant, they still were able to recover only some of the items.
"It's tough enough in this economy, but to have somebody do that to you,..." Synnamon said.

Anyone with information about the thefts, or anyone who believes he or she may have inadvertently purchased stolen items, is asked to call state police at Gettysburg at 334-8111.Owner of Gettysburg shop says items missing worth more than $100K

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