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PA Auditor General continuing audit of Dauphin Co. school

Updated: Thursday, September 19 2013, 10:52 PM CDT
Reported by: Ewa Roman

SUSQUEHANNA TOWNSHIP -- According to sources, the audit of Susquehanna Township School District is prompted by something that causes people to raise an eye brow: Two superintendents are allegedly trying to get their contracts renewed two years early.

Pennsylvania's auditor general is extending his audit of the Susquehanna Township School District, saying he wants to get to the bottom of current board activities, working to protect the students and taxpayers.

Some angry parents are applauding this move, saying the class sizes are too big, out of control and chaotic.

"It's the non responsiveness, it's transparency, it's lack of addressing discipline, it's bullying," said Wendy Jackson Dowe, a parent.

"I want my son prepared, I want him to be writing, I want him to have homework, I want him challenged," said Amy Ginck, a parent.

Down and Ginck both pulled some of their children out of the Susquehanna Township School District and placed them in private schools. Ginck believes the academic requirements have been dumbed down.

They say that for two years, they've been trying to work with the school district to try and find ways to make things better, but they only got worse.

"Chaotic, disruptive kids stayed in their rooms which made it difficult for teachers to deliver their lessons," Ginck said.

Now the State Auditor General is taking a deeper look at the Susquehanna Township School District by extending an audit. 

“I am concerned that the Susquehanna Township School board members are turning their back on the taxpayers who elected them and the students who count on them to provide a good education,” said Eugene Depasquale, state auditor general.

"We are so grateful to the auditor general for what he's stepping up and doing," said Dowe.

A teacher, who resigned from the Susquehanna Township School District last month, tells CBS 21 News that the district made cuts to special needs classes and throws kids with Down Syndrome and kids with emotional needs into regular classrooms, saying quote, "Teachers have lost faith in the administration. I resigned out of frustration. I feel the administration is incompetent."

CBS 21 reached out to the school district but calls weren't returned as of 8:30 Thursday night.

On Monday, the 23 parents are expected to voice their concerns again at a meeting at 7 p.m. It will take place at the Susquehanna Township School District Office off Interstate Drive.PA Auditor General continuing audit of Dauphin Co. school

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