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PA Voter ID law struck down

Updated: Friday, January 17 2014, 06:48 PM CST
Reported by: Chris Papst

HARRISBURG -- A state judge has struck down the state’s Voter ID law, setting up a possible showdown in the state Supreme Court.  

The Voter ID law has been controversial ever since it was passed in 2012. And now that a state judge has struck it down, it’s only become more of a hot button issue. 

Thirty states in America have voter ID laws. We found out today Pennsylvania will not be the 31st. A state judge has struck down the law requiring PA voters to show photo ID at the polls.

Judge Bernard McGinley said the law places an unreasonable burden on the fundamental right to vote. During a nearly two week trial this summer, plaintiffs argued thousands of Pennsylvanians don’t have valid IDs and won’t be able to vote. The state argued it’s easy for voters who don’t have a valid ID to get one.  

Today, all sides reacted.

The Republican Party of PA released this statement: “The overwhelming majority of Pennsylvanians support a way to protect their right to vote and combat voter fraud. I am extremely disappointed with today’s decision.”

The Democratic National Committee stated: “Today’s ruling affirms our belief in expanding – not restricting – Americans’ right to vote. This law should never have been enacted.”

“Judge McGinley is wrong.” David Taylor of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association supported the law. 

“Proving one’s identity to cast a ballot is no more burdensome than proving your identity to register to vote. So, this law would simply prove the person who registered to vote is the person who casted the vote,” said Taylor.

“It’s a good day for voters in Pennsylvania,” Andy Hoover is with the ACLU of Pennsylvania which fought the law in court. 

“We have hundreds of thousands of voters who could lose their right to vote.  No evidence of impersonation fraud. It’s obviously unconstitutional,” said Hoover. 

If the state chooses, it could appeal and send this case to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.PA Voter ID law struck down

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