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Palmyra homes condemned after five sinkholes form

Updated: Saturday, October 12 2013, 10:58 PM CDT
Reported by Ewa Roman (

It's called "sinkhole city." The nickname given to Palmyra by some of it's residents.

"It just scared me anymore to want to live down here," said one woman looking at the damage.

Thursday into Friday, the rain came down fast and hard opening sinkholes at the 300 block of East Cherry Street in Palmyra.

"All of the neighbors said when it dropped, it sounded like a bomb going off," said Wallace Bidelspach, neighbor.

Five different sinkholes, around four homes and four apartment homes. All of them now condemned. Wallace lives across the street.

"Hoping that things stay down that way.but I feel bad for the families here because a lot of them didn't have sinkhole insurance." Said Wallace.

You can see the basements from some of the sinkholes and Saturday some people were getting close taking pictures and walking past caution tape. Palmyra police came out and put up more tape, warning residents not to cross.

As for what's causing these sinkholes? Neighbors say a sidewalk upgrade left a huge hole sitting in the ground and then the rain came. The sinkholes started. They also say the borough dragged its feet to fix the problem.

"Angry, it makes a lot of people angry," said Wallace.

"Oh yeah! This could be fixed within a month, but they'll drag it out for state and federal money," said Ray Brandt, neighbor.

There is no word when people who love on East Cherry Street will be allowed back.

The Mayor of Palmyra hasn't returned our calls, but Saturday we learned he recently had surgery.
Palmyra homes condemned after five sinkholes form

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