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Papenfuse introduces new members of transition team

Updated: Friday, January 10 2014, 06:58 PM CST
Posted by: Lauren Gross

HARRISBURG -- We're following newly elected Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse every step of the way as he settles into office.

Today he introduced a new economic development team and his financial plans for the capital city. 

We were there as Papenfuse announced his seven newly formed transition committees, employing nearly 100 people.

He says the financial team will stimulate the city's economy and create jobs, as well as engage the community. 

"We're trying to put the people in place to be able to implement the policies. We talked about a lot of ideas for the City of Harrisburg, now it's time to get the right people in to do the work," Papenfuse said.

Today's announcement follows two others we told you about earlier this week, which included key members of the mayor's staff and a new public safety team.Papenfuse introduces new members of transition team

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