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Parents meet with school officials, police regarding incident at elementary school

Updated: Tuesday, March 4 2014, 01:37 PM CST
Reported by Kyle Rogers:

YORK --- The York City Police Chief hopes lawmakers will wake up after an elementary school went on lockdown last week.

Earlier Monday, parents and school administration joined together in a meeting to talk about two police incidents at the school last week leading to the same man being arrested twice.

Now, parents say the penalties for those who make terroristic threats should be stronger.

These parents weren’t happy, knowing that a man who allegedly made terroristic threats at this school last week was able to get out of jail for 75 bucks and was able to come back to the school in a violent rampage.

“I felt like I was about to lose my life with my daughter in the classroom,” recalled one mother.

In front of a crowd of only a few dozen, this mom recalled the terrifying moments days before.
“For me to find out at that moment when I had to get on the floor, that’s when I hear about this guy, why didn't I hear about it,” questioned the mother.

Thursday afternoon, Phineas Davis Elementary School in York went on lockdown after police say Eric Schelmety violently entered the lobby leaving behind a path of destruction after his daughter was apparently bullied.

It was just a day after he was arrested outside the lobby.

“My question to the judge is why would you set bail so low when the officers in it asked to set bail high,” Jackie Valdez asks.
On Wednesday, police arrested Schelmety at the school for making terroristic threats.  A judge set his bail for $1500, ensuring an unwelcome visitor who paid the legal minimum of 5 percent of the bail, 75 bucks, to get out of jail.

School officials and police weren’t notified he was free.

“Our children should not have been in jeopardy for a second day because our justice system really failed them,” believes Jackie Valdez.

Valdez, a mother of three, felt the initial punishment was too light.  The police chief agreed.

“I agree with you 100 percent the system failed you,” believes York City Police Chief Wes Kahley.

Chief Kahley said officers tried convincing a judge for more serious charges, “I’m not blaming anybody for failure but I do believe the system needs to be looked at and changed so in the future we don’t have this again and the same issues.”

“It feels good to know that a police officer in York County for once agrees with the parent and agrees with the citizen who has children,” Valdez commented.
Kahley hopes the concerned parents out Monday night will reach out to lawmakers, like he will, to see changes.

“The way that bail is given for people who are arrested for violent crimes on school property,” Kahley stated on some of the changes he would like to see.  “If they are released from jail if they do make bail, the notification processes that do take place.”

The police chief says he’ll be reaching out to local lawmakers in York about ways for stricter punishments.

Schelmety remains behind bars on $500,000 bail.

Parents meet with school officials, police regarding incident at elementary school

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