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Parents push for legalization of medical marijuana to help child with epilepsy

Updated: Friday, March 21 2014, 01:00 PM CDT
Reported by: James Tully

Pennsylvania parents continue to press for the legalization of medical marijuana to help control their children's epilepsy.

Wednesday, as the debate wages on in the midstate, there are signs of hope at the federal level.

Anna Knecht is an 11 year old girl who deals with dozens of intense seizures every day. Her parents believe a certain strand of marijuana can help her. 

They believe in it so much they plan to break apart their family and move to Colorado, where it is legal, to see that Anna gets the medication.

Anna's parents are sending a strong message to every Pennsylvania lawmaker.

"Today is Anna's birthday and her birthday wish is for Pennsylvania legislators to legalize medical marijuana in Pennsylvania," Anna's father Mark tells me.

"So every representative in Pennsylvania is going to get a signed birthday card from the community," Mark says.

We took Mark's argument to Sen. Bob Casey.  Casey has not taken a stance on medical marijuana but Wednesday was proposing a bill to battle prescription drug abuse.

"Part of this is paying close attention to the parents and what their needs are and paying attention to the science to make sure we get it right," Casey says.

With his push for more control over prescription drugs at the forefront, Casey actually seemed very open to legalizing medical cannabis.

"It hasn't been the subject at the federal level but when it arises, and when it comes before us we have to seriously consider it."

Parents push for legalization of medical marijuana to help child with epilepsy

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